Tätu (onkar) wrote,

India Shining

Look boss, its straightforward. Middle class getting richer, poor people getting the hard end of the bargain.

Well, its been a BJP tactic for long, let the middle class prosper. If the poor get into the middle class they will prosper as well. I think its a unique economic policy where people who are in the middle class are favoured rather than the people in the richer economic group, as in america, or the people in the really poor economic group, as in the socialist countries.

In India, the middle class is not required to pay realy high taxes, like in the Scandinavian countries, and therefore, the standard of living of the middle class is going to improve drastically, as the purchasing power increases.

For 50 years, India tried to make things good for the poor class, but things did not go anywhere. Now, making life easy for the middle class seems to make things work. I think its a good model. It will drive poor people from the cities to the villages where it is cheaper to live and sustain families.

This will result in highly developed hubs around the country where the standards of living will be equivalent to those in the first world countries.
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