Tätu (onkar) wrote,

lazy monday

i am supposed to move out today. not like they move out in bollywood, with tears and all, i am going to a better place. this does sound like i am reading my own obituary, but it's indeed one so. i will send photographs to prove it sometime later.

in the meantime, i am addicted to the x-files. not only am i finding gillian anderson incredibly attractive watching her the second time around, but the cases seem a lot more compelling. maybe, just maybe, i am beginning to believe. after all, i totally bought the ganapati drinking milk incident.

i am waiting for a new serial to come up where agent mulder exclusively tackles alien abduction and visitation cases. for some reason, i feel cheated on being left out of the whole alien deal. if moron farmers in alabama are being visited by aliens, what the hell is their problem in visiting me? i do have my apprehensions, though; like they say, be careful what you wish for...

so where does that leave me? apart from dreaming of vampires for two nights in a row, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. i just cannot seem to get vampires out of my head while i am sleeping. initially it startled me, because i don't remember my dreams, but now it's almost like i am getting used to the fact of seeing flying bloodsuckers in my sleep.

this is what i am planning to do tonight. i am going to try and make friends with count dracula or one of his brides, preferably the latter. or maybe the count and i could have a discussion about the position of abortion in american politics or whether muttiah murlitharan is a chucker. being from romania, i don't think the count cares much for cricket though. and if i talk about ice skating, the image of me skating on ice would kill both the count and myself, and then the world would be half a dreamer short. can't allow that to happen, can we?
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