Tätu (onkar) wrote,

file conversion

Woke up today with a headache and a completely blocked nose and throat. Decided not to go to office. Awoke again at 1130 and there was a spate of calls from office for some trivial issues, some of which I resolve, some of which I pushed for tomorrow.

Anyway, I realised that I had this svcd in bin format that I wanted to watch, but as you all know (or don't), there's no sound in my vlc, and therefore, since I couldn't play bin files directly in xine, this is what i did.

sudo bash
my password
apt-get install vcdimager
vcdxrip -p --nosegments --nofiles -o /dev/null -b

It took about as long as it took me to log into livejournal and finish this write up, and viola, I was on my way to watching a movie for lunch away from work, sniffling and snorting and hoping that the hot noodles I was having for lunch would help clear up my nose and throat.
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